Foster A Child

Lighthouse Family Network, has a very special way of recruiting foster parents. We recruit our families from throughout the Christian community. We are always looking for opportunities to share this ministry with churches, Bible school classes, ladies’ or men’s groups and other groups within churches. If you would be interested in having a representative of Lighthouse Family Network come and speak to your congregation or group, please call us at 888-908-1212.

If, as you read through this website, you believe that God is calling you to foster care and to this ministry, we pray you will contact us so we can talk and pray together about this.

Early on in this ministry, we decided to trust God to find and bring foster families to Lighthouse. We believe it is a special calling for people with specific gifts of love and concern that allow them to provide the kind of commitment, guidance and consistence to each new child who comes, while dealing with the loss of each child who leaves. One of the most important decision you will make in becoming a foster parent is for whom you will foster. Therefore, it is important that you choose as carefully where you will foster as you do to foster at all. Those who have been in foster care for any period of time will tell you, ‘Where you foster makes a difference.”

There are many reasons to become a foster parent through Lighthouse Family Network.
• Deep Roots in Foster Care: More than half a century ago, Leona and Lamar Lambert took in their first foster child. Since then, literally hundreds of children have come through Lighthouse and gone on to adulthood.
• Quality Homes: Lighthouse Family Network recruits foster parents from throughout the Christian community. Utilizing a down-to-earth and applicable training program, Lighthouse is able to give prospective foster parents a genuine feel for the kinds of problems, backgrounds and behaviors children may bring to their home.
• Extensive Training: Lighthouse Family Network, Inc. offers extensive trainings each month.  Each Caregiver is expected to receive no less than the minimum-required training outlined in Residential Child Care Licensing’s Minimum Standards.
• Excellent Therapy: Children in Lighthouse Family Network’s Treatment Homes receive state of the art therapy. Whether provided by staff or contract therapists, services are provided by Master’s Level or above therapists who specialize in working with abused children, particularly those children with attachment disorders.
• A True Treatment Model: Lighthouse Family Network is acutely aware of the depth of pain the children we serve have suffered. Everything we do with children is in some way impacted by that child’s specific treatment needs.
• Comprehensive Case Management: Each child placed with Lighthouse is assigned to a Case Manager who coordinates services to the child and his/her family. Case Managers provide support and direction while insuring progress through the child’s Individualized Service Plan (ISP).
• Flexibility: One of the great advantages of using Lighthouse Family Network for the treatment of Basic, Moderate and Specialized children is its flexibility. Homes can be found that meets the needs of the child rather than the child having to conform to the program.
• Careful Screening/Long-Term Commitment: Lighthouse Family Network works hard, working with the family, to make only appropriate placements of children in homes where placement can be sustained and maintained. Placements are made with a strong commitment to “the best interest of the child”.

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